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PILOT license

PILOT license on-line test

Teoretický test je součástí závěrečné zkoušky Pro získání pilotní licence. Vyzkoušejte si ho, provětřte vaše znalosti, seznamte se s rozsahem teoretické přípravy na našich kurzech.

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 On-line příprava

PILOT license - complete theoretical preparation

Příprava na závěrečné přezkoušení může být jednodušší, než si myslíte. Stačí se soustředit na konkrétní informace, na které se test zaměřuje. 

Připravte se na závěrečné přezkoušení...


Watch your training
Thanks to El Speedo PES (Pilot Education System) application all of your training data is stored here in your account.
Just log in with your login name that you received from El Speedo office before the course and you can easily recall the situations that were during the training your greatest worries and on the contrary what you managed well.  

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A week is not just 7 days
Our Basic course for paragliding PILOT license lasts one week. It's seven days of intensive theoretical and practical training.

But one week Basic course here in El Speedo is not only a week of your training. We care about you comprehensively one week before the course and then long afterwards. For the price of a weekly course you get a lot more.

Familiarise yourself with our preparation:

Základní kurz

Bavte se s námi létáním...
LinkaFREDDIE 2 - up to date technology for every pilot

Tuned combination of performance and passive safety for beginning and intermediate pilots looking for equipment in the mid-EN B. 

Choose a size and get your special client price even before the course...Freddie2

Barevné kombinace

Wide color range

KEYLONG backpack

free with a glider

Slim design with a high center of gravity for comfortable carrying. XC version additionally includes a cockpit that can accommodate the rucksack rolled up and can be used as a holder for instruments in front of the pilot.




Opinion poll after a course

We would like to take this opportunity to ask for feedback. If you were satisfied with our services, tell others. If something was not to your liking, tell us. Most important to us is that we were able to find possible mistakes, analyze them and not to repeat. Therefore, your completed questionnaire is very valuable and inspiring for us.

We process all polls thoroughly after the course or trip and try to find new ideas for further action in them. Believe that your responses contribute to improving and securing the quality of our education system as a comprehensive service.

Thank you
El Speedo instructors 

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